The ERC Group (Enrique Rodriguez Consulting) was founded in 1993, when Enrique TOPO Rodriguez formed his international consulting business to deal with bilateral relationships between his place of birth Argentina and Australia the chosen residence (a dual citizen), who arrived in Sydney with his family.

A meteoric rugby union career since his beginning in 1971 @ the Universidad Nacional de Cordoba, Argentina saw him representing Argentina, South America, Tahiti and Australia (in 42 test caps).

After retirement, he spread his knowledge and energies between Rugby Coaching and writing. TOPO published his ‘Magnus-Opus’, TRGOS (The ART of Scrummaging) – ISBN: 6659 6864 109, by RFOS (Rugby Friends of Sydney) in August 2012, Sydney Australia. Furthermore, the digital version was channelled through – Today TRGOS is the go-to, bible of scrummaging!

Today TOPO is channelling his wisdom and energies through a series of philanthropic pursuits and Impresario of the Visual Arts and Music. Moreover, an indefatigable advocate/consultant for his MHMP&S (Mental Health Management Plans & Strategies) Consultancy, formerly the BIPOLAR Education Foundation.

TOPO is also the Founder and General Convener of the world’s first (aiming at becoming the world’s best), ISSF (International Sports Sciences Forum (

Sydney 09/08/2021.



Servicios que ofrecemos

Rugby Union has helped TOPO to build an incredible global network of highly influential people in the five continents. Today, TOPO is making available to OMCPL.ORG his vast network of contacts and experience


  1. ‘Public Diplomacy, ‘Soft Power’, ‘Cultural Power’ [Corporate and Diplomatic Relations]
  2. International Business Networking and Marketing.
  3. High powered access to the regions of Oceania, Europe, Persian Gulf, Europe, North – Central, and South America.

Today, The ERC Group FZCO, registered in the Dubai Silicon Oasis (Sept.2020) @ the UAE, is contributing its strength and experience to assist and support the OMCPL to achieve its short, medium, and long-term goals. Together we will spread our ‘wings’ around the globe for the betterment of, Fair-Efficient-Productive GLOBAL LOGISTICS, as well as and humankind. We remain committed to our corporate responsibility to develop sustainable businesses and to protect planet earth and its inhabitants.

We look forward to assisting you. If you asked me when to start dreaming, projecting, and planning? In all sincerity, I’d say NOW! (Life’s too short to wonder)

Please call us TODAY on +61412 403304 or Email at |

Sydney 09/08/2021


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