Delta 3 is a «multimodal and logistic platform with a European dimension» 

Delta 3 creation  was a double achievement:

Implementation of a juridical framework associating all the local authorities  and institutions. Transformation of a mining site / industrial wasteland.

Delta 3 is involved in:

Infrastructure and asset management

Property development

Owner of the Combined Transport Terminal in charge of marketing and business development

Delta 3 combines:

A Combined Transport Terminal : rail, road and barge + 5000 TEU storage area (beginning 2021)

+ 800 000 m² of logistics warehouses

+ Additional services.  Service center with a secured parking area for trucks, gas stations, a restaurant, a training center (transport and logistics), railway rolling-stock maintenance center, etc.

Servicios que ofrecemos

Rail facilities :

– 7x 750 m-railway tracks

4 rail-road gantry cranes span over 5 of these railway tracks making it possible to handle swap bodies and containers without moving trains.

The other 2 railway tracks can be operated with reach stackers.

The marshalling yard

Property of DELTA 3, it is plugged on the Paris-Lille and Lens-Ostricourt lines. It includes 14 tracks and has two main functions:

– Arrival and departure of the trains with a 60km/h access speed

– A dynamic management of the hub to optimise its use : block trains enter into the yard, they are then operated by the shunting locos into the combined transport terminal; Combined transport trains can be leave directly from the CT terminal to the network as the sidings are electrified.

– Some warehouses are connected to the yard and can also load/unload conventional trains.

– The DELTA 3 Traffic Control Center manages all the traffic operations inside the terminal and the yard. This TCC improves trains shunting operations and productivity and guarantees optimum safety on the field.

Inland waterways facilities

– 1 x 250m-inland water quay

2 or 3 container barges can dock there simultaneously.

– 1 tri-modal gantry crane (waterways/ rail/ road)

The waterways gantry crane can move over a distance of 250 m. It can handle about 20 movements per hour. It can also work on trains as it spans 2 rail tracks.

Container storage area

With a capacity of 5,000 TEU, this area is equipped with 32 “reefer” plugs for the storage of goods requiring temperature control. The area is also authorized to store dangerous goods in transit.

The Rail Road terminal can also be extended. The land is available. Studies and works to add new facilities will start on a mid term basis (3 to 5 years).

Additional services :

A  loco maintenance facility is available alongside the yard since 2015. Railway Undertakings can use this facility with their own staff or with their maintenance supplier.

Akiem will also implement a full service loco maintenance center with 8 workshops in 2021.

Today, the combined transport terminal is run by a private company: Lille Dourges Container Terminal (LDCT).

As of April 2021, DELTA 3 will have carried out as the promoter in the logistics areas LA to LD:

Ø590,000 sqm of logistics buildings built and delivered

Ø36,000 sqm marketed, under construction or under administrative authorizations

Ø154,000 sqm to market

ØTotal of 780,000 sqm

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