The European Associaton of Freight Villages

EUROPLATFORMS is the only European Association of Freight Villages and Logistics Centers. The organisation was established December 18th 1991 and has since worked in the field of transport and logistics.
Europlatforms is an European Economic Interest Grouping oriented in the development of Logistic Platforms as nodal transport infrastructure. As ports are maritime infrastructure, Logistic Platforms are the inland nodes of the logistic chain, allowing to logistic enterprises to reduce costs, increase collaboration and facilitate the intermodal transport. The development of logistics platforms through the TEN-T corridors will increase competitiveness and environment protection in the transport sector.

Servicios que ofrecemos

EUROPLATFORMS is a non-profit organisation meaning that the membership fee is solely going to EUROPLATFORMS activities, which creates added value for the EUROPLATFORMS members,

Benefits of a membership of EUROPLATFORMS

Why should your Logistics Center be a part of the EUROPLATFORMS network? For this a number of reasons could be listed. In this paper we will focus on five main reasons, thus limiting the number to the reasons assessed to be of highest importance:

1.Possibility for sharing experiences with other Transport and Logistics Center operators.

2.Learning and acquiring new knowledge about the latest development in the transport industry from other members working within the same field.

3.Opportunity to participate in EU part-financed development projects focusing on testing, implementing and developing new sustainable transport solutions that can improve the Transport and Logistics Centers as well as the whole transport chain.

4.Being an active partner in transport policy-making-processes and contribute to achieving real sustainable mobility in Europe

5.Creates new business added value by networks of Logistics Centers and their logistics service providers

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